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“Bitches love me cuz I walk around like I’m the shit. Niggas hate me cuz I pull up with they favorite bitch.”

- Nipsey

Missing the Slick Rick concert tomorrow :( 

“I’m a back in the day nigga”

- Dom

I took my last drug test today… Ima see how long I could last tho.

“I just want to chill and twist a lot,
Catch stunts in my 745,
You drive me crazy, shorty I,
Need to see you and feel you next to me.”

- 50 Cent

“I like smoking weed. I like getting fly.”

- K Camp
b a d c
Joshua Tree
b a d c
Echo Parque yesterday
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Artsocial was dope. La Tigresa x La Gancha
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Don’t know what this is called but it’s dumb fire. That’s cheesecake in the middle.
b a d c
The flame
b a d c
b a d c
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